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Embark on a journey across our favorite locations in Iceland, those that leave a lasting impression and provide a different experience  than the traditional Tourist Route. No spectacular sites to tick off the bucket list, but places that reflect Iceland in its authenticity and rough charm, along with a diary of our most inspiring encounters.

Because mass tourism comes with visible consequences, our focus is on sustainable tourism and people driven by passion.

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out, not only we love interacting with you but we are curious about your story. Whether you need tips on your next visit to Iceland, want to share your impressions, or are interested in collaborations or prints, come say hi!

Camille & Christian

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The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer

Iceland is certainly awe-inspiring in many ways. But its core identity is to be found in its inhabitants. When came the desire to feature locals, our first thought naturally went towards Evelyn. We met Evelyn in the North three years ago, and the minute we started our...

Cold Water Bodyboard

Cold Water Bodyboard

A crispy winter day in late January. The outside temperature does not exceed -5°C while the water temperature averages 2°C. Large chunks of ice can be seen along the shores and floating in the ocean, the only thing moving in this snow immensity. The silence echoes...