From France to Iceland

Hi! We are Camille and Christian, both from France, but our paths one day crossed at the high latitudes of Iceland, where we have been living since 2012. In June 2017, we welcomed our newest member, our son! And two years later, in June 2019, came his little companion for life, his little sister.

Inspired by Nature

Apart from being big dreamers, we are great outdoor junkies. We never feel as alive as into the wild, and the night owls we are find nothing more reassuring than being outside in nature in the middle of the bright Icelandic summer night or under the northern lights. Both born and raised by the sea, we feel the most comfortable on water, or rather into the water for Christian who practices bodyboard since his early childhood, back in Brittany. But the thrill got bigger (and the wetsuit thicker!) when he started surfing in Iceland.

We are for a minimalist way of living. Own less, get outside. We must admit we do collect one thing though. Maps. Crumpled and dusty are a favorite. They have the power of travelling through time and telling stories. Our most beautiful mission is to arouse our kids’ curiosity and transmit them the values we hold dear. They are just as successful in making us rediscover the simple things and be attentive to our surroundings.


We Set The Sails

The adventure We Set The Sails dates back to 2015, when we started sharing pictures of our expat life with family and friends. From our passion for photography came the desire to portray our vision of Iceland throughout the seasons, from its sheer beauty to the sometimes harsh climate and isolation. Today, this has become our mean of artistic expression, and has connected us to many inspiring souls, for which we are very grateful!

This website does not aim to be another guide about Iceland as this is widely covered elsewhere, but rather an insight into the locations that hold a special place in our hearts, the ones we love remembering each and every detail, the ones we did not expect to find on the road. All these ones.